Thursday, December 18, 2014

Verliebt Nutcracker

  “Don’t be afraid, my beard is long, my head is large, my look is grim but that matters not. I won’t bite you. In spite of my big mouth and grim appearance, I look with my heart for your happiness.”

Apparently my German heritage runs far deeper than enjoying German cuisine. I have a thing for traditional wooden nutcrackers - not the ones dressed as ballerinas and football players. At holiday time I get lost in the sea of nutcrackers at the store. Yesterday I ventured out to get batteries and left with the nutcracker you see on the right. I will keep my nutcrackers on display all year.

Why my fascination?

To me, nutcrackers represent strength, sophistication, and protection. They stand for individuality. They are stoic, classic, and regal. They are fundamentally what my work is about. My intention is to create strong characters that inspire the viewer to be better in their lives - better to themselves and other people, open their minds, and stretch their spiritual muscle. Self-mastery.

Would my paintings recycle if they could? Yes
Would my paintings say hello to people on the street and strike up a conversation? Yes
Would my paintings watch tv and read People magazine and such? Goodness no

Look at any photo of Katharine Hepburn. Read her book. Fascinating.

Yesterday I told a friend I could see myself having a room full of nutcrackers. Then this morning I saw this video. Apparently, I'm not the only one.

For more information on nutcrackers, visit The Magic of Nutcrackers

Lisa Albinger