Sunday, July 24, 2016

Boxing Day

Boxes hold our belongings when we move across the country, food we purchase at the grocery store, and gifts we give one another. The idea of a box holding personal secrets, wishes and dreams is often called a God Box. It is a vessel that takes your worries and hands them off to 'all that is', perhaps the great Oz himself.

My tools included pen, cotton swabs, coffee and a 6.5"x 8"x 3" box. The images are mystical animals pursuing magic, weaving their webs of life. They are intuition, the all knowing, the all seeing, all that is. They reside in silence, in less words and more observation, in solitude and introspection.

This box now resides in Brooklyn. A gift. There will be more, in time.

Lid Top

Lid Inside

Box Inside

Side 1 with lid

Side 1 without lid

Side 2 with lid

Side 2 without lid

Side 3 with lid

Side 3 without lid

Side 4 with lid

Side 4 without lid

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Please Pass the Coffee

My work has always been very intuitive and it is rare for me to sketch out ideas. I prefer to sit down at the easel and bring out whatever image is already 'there' in the board. Maddening, yes. I like the challenge of creating something meaningful out of happenstance. Isn't that what life is all about? When I drip coffee onto paper and move it around, I haven't the faintest clue what will appear. There's a bit of anxiety in it all. There's a bit of expectation. What if I draw a line that goes nowhere and I regret it? Make it happen. Figure it out. Turn it into something else.

Such is the story for these creatures below. Each one represents a facet of my creaturehood. Each one appeared when I followed the pen. I have been posting drawings daily on my Instagram. Follow to see each one. Lisa Albinger on Instagram

Lisa Albinger, 2016

Lisa Albinger, 2016

Lisa Albinger, 2016

Lisa Albinger, 2016