Monday, January 5, 2015

Connecting the Dots

The espresso was made, waiting patiently as I picked out that perfect piece of chocolate from the gifted box of chocolates. I would sit down with my delicacy to ponder the direction of my art, obtain a grand artistic idea, and drink the espresso while it was hot.

But the phone rang.

I quickly chose a piece of chocolate and scurried to the phone in time for the fourth ring.

“Oh shit!” I exclaimed as I saw the name of my dear friend of 20 years. An artist. I knew why she was calling and I had to fess up. I answered with, “I didn’t do it, I didn’t do anything, I failed.”

A week ago we agreed to hold each other accountable of making art every day. By today I was to have 7 drawings completed, alas there were none. Now, the assignment for this following week is to create a self-portrait every day. Size and medium doesn’t matter. I know as the days progress my self-portraits will morph into animals and the like, however today I started out with a pretty standard drawing including polka dots which I adore.

Looking at my face in the mirror and drawing it brought back memories. I remembered back to when a band member of Poison gasped, “You have a beautiful widows peak” which is something I had never heard or thought of before. Being a big fan of Marilyn Monroe as a teenager I always wanted a mole above my lip and now as an adult I’ve somehow acquired one in that same spot, however with less enthusiasm than a 15 year old. And to my surprise, my lower lip has an indentation I’ve never noticed before.

Your body tells so many stories. Look at yourself in the mirror and read some of them. Remember the stories of your past as they make up the you you are now. What is your body telling you? What information and messages does it have for you?