Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Paul McCartney the Painter

Back in my college days in Milwaukee, WI I frequented a bookstore on Downer Ave, picking up books that still inspire me over ten years later. The book I'm thinking of today is a book of paintings by Paul McCartney. Yes, Paul McCartney of The Beatles. He paints, and well in my opinion. His work is full of expression and color, inspiring me to expand the limitations I put on myself.

Years later in Arizona I worked concerts and had the opportunity to work with his clothes all day. This was before I discovered the power of the Beatles (I catch on a bit late sometimes...) so I saw him more as this colorful painter whose paintings captivated me.

At the end of the evening I took home the flowers from his dressing room that I placed there earlier in the day. Some of the flowers ended up in my painting, 11:11.

I was told he will never have a gallery showing, which is a shame.

I hope you enjoy his work:
Paul McCartney:Paintings book on Amazon